About Us

My Healthy Community is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against obesity. Our programs offer fitness & nutrition counseling, sports & recreation, fitness, dance, gardening and cooking classes.

Our goal is to build a healthy community. We will start by going into schools in the South-Bronx and assist them with getting our youth and their families active and eating right. We will assist schools with starting and sustaining after school sports and recreation programs for the youth and health and wellness programs for adults.

"It's no surprise that a healthful diet is beneficial for your body physically, but more and more studies are revealing that it also beneficial for you mentally. A nutritious and balanced diet gives your brain the energy and nutrients it needs to function at optimal capacity, and when you have a healthy brain your cognitive performance and mental stability improve as a result. It is for this reason that children who eat a balanced diet often receive better test scores than children who don't." Sebastian Rodriguez